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Waltay is a professional manufacturer of precision components. We have specialized in precision metal components for more than 10 years, with our specialty being difficult and often complex contract custom metal stampings.

Our staff review each client's drawings carefully and always look for an achievable solution. We have the most innovative, dedicated, and experienced engineers who have industry experience spanning more than two decades.  We have a reputation for excellence due to the quality, precision and customer satisfaction our staff has been trained to provide from years of experience.


We have expert toolmakers and engineers with decades of industry experience, which we regard as our greatest asset.  Our tooling department personnel utilize the most modern equipment and tools allowing them to produce any kinds of products.

Our staff takes great pride in ensuring that every job gets the best experienced personnel irrespective of whether it is complex or simple stamping and we regard our organisation as your full service technical partner.

We utilizes in-house computer controlled machining and other advanced equipment to provide exact part reproduction that meets the tolerances you require.  Whether your specifications call for simple or complex profiles, our staff will always meet and exceed your requirements


We offers a complete range of secondary operations that include:
• Metal Forming: Our press brake capacity allows us to meet your close tolerance forming requirements
• Assembly & Hardware Insertion: We offer a full range of assembly capabilities including welding and riveting.
• Welding: We are equipped to handle all your welding needs.  All welds are to your specification and inspected to meet quality requirements.
• Metal Finishing: Powder coating, heat treating, galvanizing, zinc plating, polishing, chrome plating, lacquering etc.
• Others Services: Drilling, tapping, punching, staking, riveting, reaming, deburring, countersinking.


Every product produced by us has the benefit of decades of metal fabrication experience. From concept to manufacturing, we provide an imprint of quality. Our unique combination of hand craftsmanship and high speed production enables our customers to enjoy the finest products at the most competitive prices.

We continually review and improve our Quality Management System processes to improve product quality, and ensure we continue to meet our customer requirements with absolute satisfactions.
This is accomplished by:

Design Quality

Whether we are developing customized applications, updating existing designs, or manufacturing directly from client specifications, each of our products are reviewed by experienced craftsmen prior to production.

Material Selection

We regularly review the quality and performance of all of the raw materials we use.  By carefully tracking material selection, receiving, and production, we can ensure that our customer requirements are met at every stage of the operation.

Product Review

Quality control during production involves a combination of visual inspections and testing at various stages in the process. Calibrated fixtures and gauges are used to monitor product consistency and integrity, strict IS0 Standards are utilized, customer satisfaction data, internal audit, statistical techniques are all applied to ensure the highest quality products.


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