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Every product produced by us benefits from more than decades of metal fabrication experience. From concept to manufacturing, we provide an imprint of quality. Our unique combination of hand craftsmanship and high speed production enables our customers to enjoy the finest product at a most competitive price.

We continually reviews and improves its Quality Managements System processes to improve product quality, meet customer requirements and satisfactions. This is accomplished by:

Design Quality Whether we are developing customized applications, updating existing designs, or manufacturing directly from client specifications,each of our product is reviewed by experienced craftsmen prior to production.

Material Selection We regularly review the quality and performance of all of its raw materials. By carefully tracking material selection, receiving, and production, we can ensure that customer requirements are met at every stage of the operation.

Product Review Quality control during production involves a combination of visual inspections and testing at various stages in the process. Calibrated fixtures and gauges are used to monitor product consistency and integrity, strict IS0 Standards are utilized, customer satisfaction data, internal audit, statistical techniques will be also be applied to ensure high quality products.

•Each order is inspected and double-checked by QA as well as the Shipping Manager to insure quality and accuracy
•Strict IS0 Standards are utilized
•All products are lot controlled for traceability
•Digital machine control are available
•Latest in quality control equipment

At Associated Hardware and Plastic Products, "Quality" is a concept practiced by the entire work force. Our clean state of the art manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping facility reflects it. We have also maintained a commitment to continually updating our knowledge through training; our quality through ISO standards; and our technology through sophisticated inspection and calibration equipment.

As a "Quality Company", we must not only exceed our customer's expectations, but we must also exceed our competitor's and extend our own expectations.

We must have quality in our delivery service, our counts, our paperwork, our engineering, our packaging, our billing, our phone answering and every detail, so that we may better serve our customers, our employees and thus our community. This seemingly self-serving philosophy will benefit all.